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Depending on our own core adhesive tape agglutination technology of Tresupoud,  we constantly develop the variously professional and high quality products which is suitable for various industry, mainly involved the automobile, the communication, LED, the daily expense, the hardware, constrution, the solar pv industry and so on professions.

Main product: The acrylic foam tape, PE foam tape, anti-slip tape, hook adhisive tape,  non-trace hook, non-trace hook tape, PET tape, cotton double sided adhisive tape, PVC electronic tape, Cloth tape, masking tape, die cutting, high temperature waterproof tape and so on special adhesive tape.


 The Guangzhou Bo Hong Composites Co., Ltd dedicates itself to the professional manufacture of the special adhesive tape and its daily products.  We have advanced double-sided adhesive tape production line, check-out equipment and processing technology and, relying on the reliable solution and the remarkable service, we provide the support for the industry professional partner in optimizing their technology and improving their products. With high efficiency and high quality to complete the project, we help the consumer and they can work at home, in the office or at the DIY workbench at ease.

Automotive industry
Provided the permanent link to the auto parts, simultaneously the tape has function in the shock absortion and the seal. We provide the best solution for the auto maker and the part Manufacturer.
Electronic industry
provide the tape solutions for the smartphone, ipad, the laptop, the television, OLED and the LCD display monitor, the wearable device and other intelligent devices and their part and the fitting .
Electrical appliance industry
Provide adhisive tape product installment solutions for many kinds of domestic electronic appliances, using in some kinds of panel fixing, Surface protection, Secure transportation,  the  part fixed, tag and so on.
LED lighting industry
Rich experience in supporting the light industry products, we provide the reasonable proposals for the product struture design and optimize the production process, the main product like reflective sheet die cutting processing, the lamp bead patch adhesive.
Construction industry
The Trustpoud's  adhesive tape simplifies the construction process for you, facilitates the standardization of operation,  and provides the most powerful safeguard for yours delivery date, in which anti-slip tape products obtains high recognition  among the industry
New energy industry
In recent years, the Trustpoud's adhesive tape makes great effort in the new energy industry product development, which provides the solution for the new energy products and makes contribution to the environmental protection in the world.
The daily household industry
The Trustpoud depends on its own core agglutination technology and  devotes in providing the reliable quality and  durable category of adhesive tape and its related daily household goods for customers, such as the products about baby protection and hook.
Hardware industry
The mature technology and the stable quality provide the most reliable and convenient structure link and use mounting adhesive tape for the hardware products and provide the best solution in optimizing the good's design, and simplifying the structure.

Why you choose us?

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strong technology

The company has devoted to the agglutination technology research and development for a long time, and the engineers and technicians have more than 6 years experiences. Guangzhou Bo Hong depends on the core agglutination technology to develop new products for different industry to use.

Good reputation

we provide the fitting for the automobile, the electronic devices, the new energy and so on hundred enterprises which are many world 500 strong enterprises. We are realistic and never use the fake and inferior materials, and have a foothold in the  market by good quality.

Guarantee of strength

The company has the ISO9001 quality system certification, and has many adhesive tape production lines in Hunan. In Guangzhou the finished product factory has large quantities of high precise die cutting processing, the duplicate volume, divides cuts and so on devices.


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